Mission of the Authority

The Authority has the following main missions:

1° to implement national policies, laws, strategies, regulations and Government resolutions related to the management and use of land;

2° to provide advice to the Government, monitor and coordinate the implementation of strategies related to the management and use of land;

3° to promote activities relating to investment and value addition in the activities related to the use and exploitation of land resources in Rwanda;

4° to register land, issue and keep land authentic deeds and any other information relating to land of Rwanda;

5° to supervise all land-related matters and represent the State for supervision and monitoring of land management and use;

6° to execute or cause to be executed geodetic, topographic, hydrographic and cadastral surveys in relation to land resources;

7° to initiate research and study on land, publish the results of the research and disseminate them;

8° to prepare, disseminate and publish various maps and master plans relating to land management using the most appropriate scales;

9° to establish and update basic topographic maps and thematic maps; 10° to define standards for:

a. land administration;

b. land surveys;

c. the geo-information, spatial information and land information data collection;

d. cartographic representations of geographic features and national spatial data infrastructure;

11° to set up principles and guidelines related to use of land;

12° to organise, coordinate and monitor collection use and dissemination of geo information in the country under the National Spatial data Infrastructure Framework;

13° to issue technical instructions related to land management and use to district land bureaux and follow up their implementation;

14° to receive and evaluate proposals to purchase or lease private state-owned land and to issue, on behalf of Government, long term leases and permits to occupy such lands in accordance with the Law governing land in Rwanda;

15° to monitor and to enforce the execution of terms of land lease contracts and to advise on their amendment;

16° to undertake or cause to be undertaken all State land valuation for the purposes of its classification for sale, lease, taxation and cession;

17° to carry out an inventory of all land resources in the country, their quality and their use, and act as the keeper and custodian of all national maps, aerial photomaps collections and their database;

18° to resolve conflicts relating to land use and management which were not resolved at the District or City of Kigali levels;

19° to establish cooperation and collaboration with other regional and international institutions with an aim of harmonising the performance and relations on matters relating to management of land;