Application Form

1. Download Application form here

2. Fill in Form and attach all required documents as listed on page 2 of the Application form. 

3. Application forms should be deposited at the offices of the Institute of Real Property Valuers (IRPV).  An Application fee of 10,000  is charged. 

4. IRPV  Contact details; Phone number- 0788498888. Email-

5. Once IRPV membership has been provided, the application will then be sent by IRPV to the Regulatory Council of Real Property Valuation for assessment. 

6. The Council meets once every 3 months as stated by the law. 

7. Once the council has approved an application, successful applicants  will be informed by IRPV and they will then be required to pay the following;

8. An Annual registration fee of 50,000frws to Rwanda Revenue Authority

9. 250,000frws membership fee to IRPV.

10. Successful Applicants can then pick up their certificates from the National Land Center in Remera. 

11. Certificates are provided upon showing proof of payment of the Registration fee and the Membership Fee.

12. Applicants that have been denied certification will be informed in writing and can write an appeal letter to the Regulatory Council of Real Property Valuation.